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Did I mention I make movies? Check out the latest list here!

They Stole a House

They say you can never go home again, but you can steal one! They Stole a House is a 2018 American documentary film, directed by Michael J. Arbouet, about the Zombie house epidemic in New York and the out dated laws of that system. In four parts, the film explores the outrageous rights squatters have and banking practices that helped create the crisis.

The Bistro

The Bistro is about a comedian who after a  mid-life crisis quits his job and leaves his life on the road of touring comedy clubs to open a bistro. Everybody has to eat, right? How hard can it be?

New York Minute

A man comes home to find that his wife has been kidnapped. A bloody letter tells him to go to the roof of their apartment building. He finds a cell phone and a sniper rifle and he is told he has one minute to kill the mayor, or his wife dies

I Could Have Been Five Feet

This compelling documentary features a young woman, formerly an adolescent smoker. Although smoking for only six years, Meghan chronicles the physical and psychological impact smoking had on her early life. She describes her intense and prolonged struggles with quitting and speaks with other young people about this powerful and life-threatening addiction. We hope that her story will influence other young people when they are faced with the decision to initiate smoking.

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