The Event.


That was what the media dubbed it. The day when the worst earthquake ever recorded in the world’s history caused the destruction of the Panama Canal, the creation of Woati Island and the canyon which is now known as Devil’s Fork. Devil’s Fork is ¼ bigger than the Grand Canyon and runs an estimated 6,454 miles below sea level.

Exploring the canyon has been impossible to explore because of massive tornado winds within, making any attempt to fly in to the fork a suicide mission. Rumors and speculation have suggested that there is unknown wealth and resources that await the ones who can figure how to get to the bottom of the fork alive.

Destiny will lead two scientists Michael McLoughinlin and Keith Weber together with linguist Dr. Roland Mithos down a path that will change the world as we know it forever.

The wait is over.   Thrilling and entertaining, like the experience on a crazy roller coaster.


Thrilling in the extreme, GODS is a definite page-flipper.


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